Global Partners in Education

Global Partners in Education (GPE) is a membership organization that consists of approximately 45 institutions of higher education in 25 countries throughout the world. It was founded and is managed by ECU’s Office of Global Academic Initiatives. Our goal is to prepare students to be successful citizens and workers by helping them develop the skills and attitudes necessary to thrive in a global, multicultural society. Our programming helps students better understand both themselves and their place in the world as well as how to understand, respect and effectively collaborate with individuals from diverse cultures. Through real time interactions with partner students from multiple countries, students develop intercultural communication skills, learn to value others’ perspectives and acquire strategies for effectively working together to complete projects.

  • GPE member institutions collaborate on several initiatives and projects including the award winning Global Understanding Courses, discipline specific full semester courses, course modules, scholarly endeavors, and co-curricular activities (for more information go to our GPE Programming page.

  • GPE was founded in 2007 and is managed by ECU’s office of Global Academic Initiatives. Over 4000 students worldwide participate in GPE activities each year.

  • Each year, Global Partners in Education holds an annual conference at one of our partner institutions to share their research and best practices, network with fellow participants to further internationalization efforts on their home campuses, introduce new initiatives and discuss ways to improve existing programming.

  • Assessment of GPE activities indicates students report decreases in intercultural communication anxiety and increases in perspective taking. Additionally, students indicate they enjoy the programming and appreciate the opportunity to meet and interact with students from other partners of the world. Students indicate that GPE programming helps them to be better global citizens by increasing their self-awareness, confidence, and intercultural competence and communication skills all through direct practice with their peers around the world.

International institutions of higher education who are interested in joining GPE should contact gpeinfo@ecu.edu for more information.